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What Makes a Good Fitness Gym?


gyms in the UK

In a time where most people need to watch their spending, several fitness studios in the United Kingdom are now trying to lure in customers by offering steeply discounted gym memberships. As you can imagine, those low-cost gym memberships almost always lack something essential  so that those fitness studios can offer their memberships at such low prices. In other words: as is so often the case, you will get what you pay for!

In the case of fitness studios that are competing with each other for the lowest price, what may be suffering from this recent trend is normally service and advice. Should you happen to be a fitness pro who knows exactly what to do once you enter a gym this may possibly not be a problem. You won’t require someone to assist you, you will know about what equipment to use and you know about the right routines for whatever you want to do in the gym.

However, fact is that the majority of people who visit a gym are no fitness and health professionals by a long shot. Many folks need to learn about the right routines first. They also need to learn what equipment in the studio would be the most suitable.

This is why I cannot recommend bargain fitness gyms at all!

I don’t know about you, but I always need someone around where I know that I can ask them for advice. This means that I recommend to that you not only look at the costs for a gym membership but should also make sure that you know what you’re getting for your money! This is where I think that saving 5 pounds or so per month doesn’t really make a lot of sense! Many times, paying a little more for good service and professional tips may in fact be the better deal if you want to do the best for your health and fitness. When you choose gyms in Hackney you should keep that in mind.

Guess Who Is Visiting the Gym Often?


If you thought that fitness studios are only something for the young you would be wrong. Guess who has been found to visit a gym on average eight times per month or more?

A new study found that pensioners aged 72 and up are “most frequent gym goers”. Would you believe that some of the most active visitors are as old as 79 years?

This is the age group which has been found to visit their local gym as much as 7.5 days per month while the younger folks aged 20 to 35 go there just 6.5 days elaborate.

With so many pensioners actively interested in fitness and health it’s no wonder to see that some are now saying that it’s now the age of 60 where middle-age starts.

Is Horse Racing In the US Dead?



Once the sport of Kings, thoroughbred racing in the United States today is pretty much neglected.

There is still the Run for the Roses every spring in May at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. With various movie stars and celebrities attending it may seem like the social event of the year.

But horse racing in the United States is now eclipsed by other racing events around the world such as the Dubai World Cup or the Melbourne cup in Australia. The latter has now advanced to a national holiday.

Other countries from Japan, Hong Kong to the United Kingdom had recently also China are now attracting major media coverage with your own racing events. And what could U.K.’s horseracing that is at times even attracting the Queen?

To me it seems that horse racind in the United States is pretty much neglected now and I fear that the better days for this sport in the US are possibly gone for good.

What do you think? Do you think that horse racing in the United States is dead?

Do we need more spectacular and popular racing events such as those in Japan and Hong Kong? What would the American horse racing require to get its former glory back?