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Is Horse Racing In the US Dead?



Once the sport of Kings, thoroughbred racing in the United States today is pretty much neglected.

There is still the Run for the Roses every spring in May at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. With various movie stars and celebrities attending it may seem like the social event of the year.

But horse racing in the United States is now eclipsed by other racing events around the world such as the Dubai World Cup or the Melbourne cup in Australia. The latter has now advanced to a national holiday.

Other countries from Japan, Hong Kong to the United Kingdom had recently also China are now attracting major media coverage with your own racing events. And what could U.K.’s horseracing that is at times even attracting the Queen?

To me it seems that horse racind in the United States is pretty much neglected now and I fear that the better days for this sport in the US are possibly gone for good.

What do you think? Do you think that horse racing in the United States is dead?

Do we need more spectacular and popular racing events such as those in Japan and Hong Kong? What would the American horse racing require to get its former glory back?